4 Fast and Easy Ways to Make Money Offline

ways to make money offlineIn this post, I will be showing you easy ways to make money offline. In several links I have below, there will be video tutorials or informational videos to help you understand and implement ways of earning some extra cash.

Not many people are using these strategies, so I hope you find one that feels right for you and start making money offline. Stop living from paycheck to paycheck and implement some changes to your way of life. This post is dedicated to people who need inspiration, ideas, tips or a place to start.

Selling your pictures online

I know, this post is about offline methods but if you are taking great looking pictures with your digital camera all you have to do is upload them once and then monitor your bank account. Photographers can make a decent living doing this and anyone else with a camera can as well. Click Here for great details.

Honor system snack box

This takes very little investment and work to make great profit. Hardest part is finding a business, company, government office, teachers lounge and more. Really, it’s easy when you know what to do. Ohhh, in this post check out how you can operate a coke or pepsi machine for no renting cost. This is true for the US and Canadian market, I can only assume it’s true for other countries as well. Please comment if this is the case. Click Here for detailed information.

Growing Apple Trees

In this post, learn the different ways you can earn or save some cash by planting your own apple trees. Myself, I am using the saving method by gifting and personal consumption.  It can also be perfect for growing your own orchard simply to increase property value for the cottage or monetizing it completely as a business.I will even show you how to grow them from scratch. Click Here for detailed information.

Finding and Selling Scrap Metal

Not only can you sell the scrap metal that you have at home but also it is easy to find scrap metal so you can sell to local scrap yards. Learn of different ways to monetize your scrap like aluminum, copper, iron, zinc and much more. Look at the tutorial video, Click Here for your detailed information.

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