Gold in Old Cell Phones

Finding Scrap Gold in Old Cell Phones

Watch the video tutorial below on how to get gold and other precious metals so you can start selling them.

gold in old cell phones Did you know that there is gold in old cell phones. How many people are throwing away their old cell phones or computers in the recycling container? I am sure you have done the same one time or another in the very recent past. Not many are aware of the fact that they are really discarding gold and other precious metals like platinum, copper, palladium, aluminum, lithium.

Note that lithium is currently more expensive to recycle then to mine so save all those lithium batteries in a safe place and when mining prices increase then recycling will be the option. Although these other metals and plastic do not bring in as much money as gold, you can still make a decent profit in the quantity you will be able to get.

How Much Gold Is In Old Cell Phone

The real money making opportunity is to manually separate the precious metals into plastic containers. Depending upon the cell phone, there is approximately 5 to 10 dollars worth of gold in them not counting the rest of the metals.

There are individuals that are making money in scrapping gold from cell phones to computers and many other electronic products part time. The gold itself is plated onto different parts of the electronic device and is the one that pays the most.

If you look on and other websites throughout the internet, you will see people selling various bundles of cell phones and computer parts like boards so that scrappers can extract gold.

Scrap Gold Recovery

Gold scrappers have ways of getting these phones or computers for free. They advertise by informing the public to keep our planet green and not throw away electronic products in land fills. So they have depot spots around town to collect and safely discard or recycle them. The whole point is to make money by extracting the precious metals and this is called scrap gold recovery.

For local advertising expense, it is a cost effective way of getting  large number of cell phones, I phones, desk top computers, lab tops and many other electronic devices. Word of mouth also seems to be happening naturally because people do not want it to end up in our land fills.

The Process For Extracting Scrap Gold

There is a video tutorial below, showing how to get the gold plated parts out of cell phones. In general you need to cut out or pull apart the gold plated components and place them in a container. Parts like connectors, pins, CPU chips. Gold is usually found on the board and inside the CPU chip so you will need a hammer to open it up and extract the metal.

Today’s date is May 10, 2013 and just a few months ago the price of gold was at an all time high of $1,600 an ounce and today it dropped to $1,422 an ounce but it is still a great payday when you can recover a few ounces.

You have the option of selling the parts as is or maximize profits by separating the gold from the board itself, connectors or pins. Prices of gold plated parts or complete electronic boards varies each month so you will have to search on Ebay and other similar websites to find out the current purchase price.

A small number of people know this and I am willing to offer you this secret tip. In general, electronic stores repairing devices like cell phones, computers, cameras and more end up having to discard many of those devices in which the costumer decided to let go due to the hefty repair cost.

The store itself may have to pay to get rid of those devices and this is how I was able to get a van full of electronic equipment. Upon extracting everything I could, I was able to make money selling miniature screws, bolts and flats for a few dollars a bag. Important note, never ever tell the electronic store that you will extract gold because i can guarantee you that they will ask for money next time you want a bundle of broken electronic equipment.

Brand new computer power supplies can cost $25 to $50 each but can find used ones on for less than half the price of a new one. A friend of mines was able to get $5 and $10 depending which brand of power supplies he had. The point is, you are making money on the gold and everything else you can get money from within a scrap computer, camera or cell phone.

Use your imagination, scrap gold and precious metals are being thrown out every day of the week. Hope this post helped, leave a comment below and watch how to extract gold and other metals from an old cell phone.

Frank Z.

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5 thoughts on “Gold in Old Cell Phones

  1. Your blog post really started a discussion. Terrific job.

  2. good job,good video, you can recovery the gold from the printed circuit by imersed it in cynide then precipatate it by zinc bowder then take the gold to purification unit by melting it with lead. regards

  3. Hi there, amazing video mate! I always knew there was gold and the valuable materials inside phones and other electronics, but thought there was too little of it to actually make money! But now after seeing you vidoe, it has got me thinking! My mum works for the biggest national coach company here in the uk, just like your grayhound coach firm over your way in the us. Anyway… the point of what I’m trying to say is, over the last 9 years my mum has found well over a 1,000 phones, laptops and recently tablets! The good stuff, ie…iPads, iphones, Samsung tablets we sell or keep for our self’s. But the majority of the items are the average mobile (cell) phones from the old style button phones to the new toutch screens. I have boxes of them as my mum always passes them on to me. I was told that I could make money by selling them in bulk oa buyer in Africa as over there, some parts of the country are a few years behind technology wise and our old equipment here in the western world is highly sort after in the over there. So I was just throwing them in the box and hoarding them. Do you think I’m better off doing what you do or just selling them in bulk? Also in your video you mentioned you had another video where you show how to get the gold from the board. How do I find it? And lastly, how do I know what’s gold and what’s gold plated?
    Thanks for the very informative video, it was a real eye opener! AWESOME!!!!!!

    • stay tune for the next video, i will try to set it up this month or beginning of December. You can cell on Ebay if you like, let others extract the gold. Simply sell them the board where the gold is.
      You will also like selling scrap metals of all sorts such as copper, aluminum, car batteries and much more. Not many people are doing this, look at this video in my article here
      Thanks for commenting

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